Brooklyn LED Desk Lamp

2 USB ports and 2 Universal AC Ports (functional with UK, US, and Euro adapters)

Brooklyn LED Floor Lamp

Touch activated with three brightness levels up to 1600 lumens.
Brooklyn LED Floor Lamp

Brooklyn USB LED Task Lamp

USB charging, and a low footprint make the Brooklyn USB an ideal solution for limited desk space.

LUX Toronto | LED Grommet Lamp

Adjustable-depth grommet mount with 2 integrated USB ports and flexible 360° movement.

LUX Toronto | LED Floor Lamp

Flexible 360° movement, touch activated, and a low-profile weighted base.
LUX Toronto | LED Floor Lamp

LUX Toronto LED Task Lamp

2 USB charging ports, touch activated, and flexible 360° movement.

LUX Lincoln LED Task Lamp

Traditional style and modern utility with 2 integrated USB charging ports.
LUX Lincoln LED Task Lamp