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LUX LED Lighting's Brooklyn AC LED Task Lamp in a brushed aluminum finish sitting on a table with two plants. Brooklyn AC LED Task Light (Universal AC outlets) Brooklyn LED task lamp in brushed aluminum with two AC plugins Brooklyn AC LED Task Light (Universal AC outlets) 5 Brooklyn AC - LED Task Lights- on an office conference room table with laptops plugged into the universal AC outlets. Brooklyn AC - LED Task Lamp on a table in a hotel room. The Brooklyn AC LED Task Lamp on a desk with a computer plugged into one of the two Universal AC sockets integrated into the lamp's base. Image of the Brooklyn AC TASK light with dimensions. The light is 17.09 inches long by 17.3 inches tall., by 3.5 inches wide

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LED Task Light - USB ports + AC plugins


The Brooklyn LED Task Light is available in 3 models. This AC model has additional device charging capacity in the form of 2 Universal AC sockets, which adapt to U.S, U.K., and Euro plug types, quite useful if you expect to have international travelers.

The *bottom of the base has an "optional-use" non-marring sticky pad for adhering this light to a surface. *Add an optional triangle baseplate if you need added stability.


Product Features:

  • Tap-sensitive activation and brightness control
  • 3 brightness levels of warm, white light
  • 600 - 250 - 20 lumens
  • 1 USB-A port  / 1 USB-C port
  • 2 Universal AC Sockets, which adapt to US, UK, and Euro plug types
  • Device shelf to store phone while charging
  • LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours of continuous light

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    Brooklyn LED Task Light

     3 Models 

    3 Brightness Levels (lumens)USB-A portUSB-C portUniversal AC PluginsWireless Qi Charging
    Brooklyn (Original)600 - 250 - 2011Only the (AC)

    Only the Aura

    Brooklyn (AC)600 - 250 - 2011✓, 2 sockets

    Only the Aura

    Brooklyn (Aura)600 - 250 - 2011Only the (AC)

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