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About Us

LUX LED Lighting | Innovation from the coast of California



    Founded in 2011, LUX LED Lighting was born from Mighty Bright, a leader in LED lighting and portable technology since 1985. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, we design and manufacture elegant and functional LED lamps. Our emphasis on design ensures every aspect of a LUX LED product is formed with the user in mind, thoughtfully blending style, versatility and feature-rich solutions.


   Utilizing advances in solid-state technology, we provide energy-efficient, bright illumination. Unlike incandescent lights, which convert 90% of the energy they consume into heat, LUX LEDs convert almost all of the energy they consume into light. Our products produce up to 1600 lumens for up to 50,000 hours of continuous lighting. Additionally, every LUX light comes with a five-year warranty.