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Hospitality FAQs

What is the minimum order quantity?
For commercial orders, we sell in case pack quantities, typically 4 lights per case pack.

Who do I contact for a hospitality/commercial project?
We have a dedicated sales team. Please contact us at sales@luxledlights.com.

How much is commercial shipping?
Shipping costs vary by order. Please contact our sales team at sales@luxledlights.com.

Where are products shipped from?
Lights are kept in running stock and shipped FOB from our warehouse in Oxnard, CA. The fully staffed distribution center is familiar with domestic and international logistics and can respond to customer service and warranty replacement requests in real time.

How do I clean my LUX lights?
All hard surfaces on our fixtures may be cleaned with any hospital-grade alcohol-base cleaner. Always spot-test on an inconspicuous area first. For the Brooklyn Aura, do not use a liquid cleaner on the felt pad. Instead, use a non-alcohol wipe.

Where can I find model specs, technical drawings, and user guides for each light?
Each individual product page has its own spec sheet, technical drawing, and user guide as a downloadable PDF link. All product spec sheets, technical drawings, and user guides can be found through the LUX Assets portal.

What is your warranty?
LUX LED Lighting provides a limited warranty that covers manufacturer's defects for 5 years after the original purchase directly from our website. If your light does not work properly or the LEDs fail, we will repair or replace your product for free. This does not cover any accidental damage, theft, or abuse the light may endure through normal wear and tear (water damage, staining, scratches, bending or cracking due to falling, or any damage to plugs). Any counterfeit products will also not be covered by the warranty. To submit a claim, please contact us at support@luxledlights.com.

What can I do to mitigate theft?
For the Brooklyn LED Task Light and Brooklyn LED Desk Light models, the power cable is integrated with the light fixture. One suggestion is to use cable clamps or other clip securing the power cable to the electrical outlet plate or by screwing the clamp to the back of the desk and running the cable through the clamp.

Can any LUX lights be controlled by a wall switch?
All our touch-controlled lamps require a tap to turn on/off and change the brightness settings. However, the Brooklyn Sconce (hard-wired version), Droplet Pendant Light, La Brea Pendant Light, Highline Pendant Light, and Highline Ceiling Light can also be turned on and off with a wall switch. These can also be dimmed with ELV dimmers.

How do I replace the light bulbs?
Our lights are designed and come with integrated LED panels (most of the Brooklyn Collection), replaceable integrated LED panels (Highline Desk and corridor sconces) and LED bulbs (headboard sconces and wall pendants - provided by the customer). All of the integrated LEDs are rated for approximately 50,000 continuous hours and are not designed to be replaced or removed. If your integrated light breaks or the LEDs cease to function, we will replace the light (within the first 5 years) as per the warranty. If a replaceable panel goes out, we will replace the panel and any LED bulb failure can be replaced by a bulb from your local hardware store (3000K A19/E26 bulb).

What color temperature are the lights?
Most of our current product offering features a color temperature of 3000 Kelvin. The Droplet Pendant Light has a 2000 Kelvin color temperature. If you are looking for additional color temperature ranges for a large-scale project, please contact us to discuss.

How to Buy

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