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Hospitality Standards

With roots in hospitality, hotel brands and discriminate designers have come to trust LUX as a valued partner for hospitality lighting. Learn more about our work in the hospitality industry here.

All LUX LED Lighting products are tested to UL standard and come with a 5-year warranty. LUX also has a high standard for uniform and consistent LED sourcing, with emphasis on high CRI and high efficiency. 

All hard surfaces on our lights may be cleaned with any hospital-grade alcohol-base cleaner such as those found in the CDC's list of disinfectants to keep up with robust housekeeping standards. LUX products are minimal in design, meaning fewer surfaces and nooks to clean. Many fixtures not controlled by wall switches are low-touch and only require a quick tap to control brightness settings.

Durability with Style:
Specifically designed for the hospitality market with the end-user in mind, LUX offers durability without sacrificing beauty. For example, LUX task and desk lights has a sturdy weighted base with optional adhesive pads to reduce the chance of being knocked over, making them ideal for nightstands and work desks, not only in hotel rooms, but also in homes. LUX lights are made of hardy materials such as aluminum, and cleverly crafted to offer minimal pinch points and moving parts, allowing for lightweight, unimposing design to survive hotel guests' daily use — beautifully. 

All LUX lights use LEDs, which produce light approximately 90% more efficiently than incandescent light bulbs. LEDs offer the most sustainable alternative to lights as well – the average efficacy of an LED is 78 lumens per watt, versus about 13 lumens per watt for an incandescent bulb and about 18 lumens per watt for a halogen bulb. Therefore, LEDs last much longer. Learn more facts on the Depart of Energy's website.

LUX LED Lighting proudly designs and manufactures their own patented designs, and holds several global patents. The following is a list of U.S. patent numbers.

Brooklyn USB Task Light: D787,735
Brooklyn AC Task Light: USD769,512S
Brooklyn Floor Lamp: USD788974S1
Brooklyn Wall Pendant: D835,331
Brooklyn Sconce: USD819254S1
Droplet Pendant Light: USD862773S1

Patents are pending on the following products:
Highline Desk Lamp
Highline Pendant Light
Highline Ceiling Light

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