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Technical Drawings

Downloadable 3D files for our products are available below. Each file will open in a new tab.

Task and Desk Lamps:
Brooklyn Aura: .step file    .x_t file
Brooklyn USB: .step file    .x_t file
Brooklyn AC: .step file    .x_t file
Brooklyn AC with Vacancy Sensor: .step file
Brooklyn Desk USB: .step file    .x_t file  
Brooklyn Desk AC: .step file    .x_t file
Highline Desk: .step file    .x_t file
Toronto Task: .step file    .x_t file
Toronto Grommet: .step file    .x_t file

Floor Lamps:
Brooklyn Floor: .step file    .x_t file
Toronto Floor: .step file    .x_t file

Pendant, Wall, & Ceiling Lights:
Brooklyn Sconce: .step file  .x_t file
Brooklyn Wall Pendant: .step file
Highline Single Pendant: .step file    .x_t file
Highline Ceiling: .step file    .x_t file
Droplet Pendant: .step file    .x_t file
La Brea Pendant: .step file    .x_t file

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