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Working From Home? Find the Right Task Light for Your Space

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Working from home? We are too. In these uncertain times, we don't know how long we'll be away from our desks - it may be the new normal. So, it's important now more than ever to be just as productive at home as you are in the office.

  • Ensure you have a clearly defined space that's just yours to work in.
  • Have everything you need to be effective - your laptop, charging cable, WiFi, apps to stay connected with your colleagues, books, etc.
  • A good chair, table space, and of course, a task light.

Don't have a task light? Now is the time to invest in a good one that will last long after everything has blown over. LUX LED Lighting offers task lights, all with a 5-year warranty, in the Brooklyn Collection, Highline Collection and Toronto Collection. But which one is right for you?


Brooklyn Task Lights:

LUX LED Lighting Brooklyn AC Task Light
  • The Brooklyn USB has 2 USB ports for device charging.
  • The Brooklyn AC has 2 international AC sockets in its base, in addition to 2 USB ports, for when you need to charge multiple devices and the power supply is far from your desk.
  • The Brooklyn Aura not only has 2 USB ports, but also has a built-in wireless Qi-certified phone charging pad, for compatible Qi-enabled phones if you constantly use your phone at work and need it handy.






Highline Task Light:

LUX LED Lighting Highline Desk Lamp
  • The Highline Task Light features 2 USB ports in its base, and 600 lumens of downward illumination and 400 lumens of upward illumination, perfect for low lighting situations and when ambient light is needed.








Toronto Task Lights:

LUX LED Lighting Toronto Task Home Office
  • The Toronto Task Light features 2 USB ports in its base and 360-degree flexibility thanks to its silicone-molded gooseneck, so the LED light head can be moved wherever light is needed.
  • The Toronto Grommet features the same 2 USB ports and 360-degree flexibility, and can be installed in desks and tables up to 2" thick.







Which LUX task light will you choose? Shop them online here. Need assistance? Our customer service team is still available. Email us at support@luxledlights.com or call us at 805.883.6866. Looking to buy 4 or more lights? Contact our sales team at sales@luxledlights.com or 805.324.6778.

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